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Power Dressing Chic But Comfy Couples

“When a girl feels that she’s perfectly groomed and dressed she can forget that part of her.

That’s charm.

The more parts of yourself you can afford to forget the more charm you have.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald


Historically the term “power dressing” evolved in the 70’s and 80’s when women were starting to enter the workforce. In order to demonstrate authority and to be taken seriously in an environment dominated by men they had to hide their feminity: which meant they wore suits with big shoulder pads. It actually was pretty essential for women to dress conservatively if they didn’t want to get immediately objectified. So, power dressing back then basically meant to dress like a man or matching as couples

Luckily, a lot has changed since then – but a lot just did not.

Until today, a woman has to select her outfit very carefully if she works in a business environment. A skirt that is slightly too short or too tight so that it emphasizes her curves just a little too much? It will get noticed and have an immediate effect on how she is treated by men. At least that is my personal experience. Same with wearing a neckline that is slightly too deep. And all these things.

Luckily, when we are speaking of power dressing in 2017 it means wearing an outfit that makes you both feel and look confident, strong and empowered. For me personally, this at the same time means, an outfit that still is not too sexy – that is feminine without being intrusive.

So how does power dressing look like for me personally?

Something like this outfit. No wild colors to attract too much attention and too much talking. It’s classy, elegant but still comfy to wear. And, most importantly: It’s tailored to your body. So that it looks & feels like your second skin, and you can almost forget what you are wearing, because you know it just belongs to you. And then you can conquer the world.

Color Crush Pink And Yellow For Fall


As you know I am forever in love with trying new color combinations – especially when it comes to pastel shades. I was looking for a knit sweater in a light and subtle yellow shade for so long, and found this one by coincidence at Urban Outfitters a few months ago. I’d never wear a bold yellow, but this pastel shade is just about perfect.

I used to love wearing colorful clothes in bold shades but within the past year I felt more and more drawn towards neutral colors like beige & brown, black & white (okay this is nothing new), and of course warm pastel shades. I wonder if that’s either a sign of growing up, or just about just getting closer to my personal style?

Anyways, I think the pink looks lovely and very warm combined with the yellow, and paired with a few neutral accessories it makes it a perfect fall outfit for me!

How To Style Your Coat As A Dress


Hey my loves,

It’s been a while! I feel both a little sad and kind of guilty that I totally neglected this little space for the past few months. So many beautiful summer dresses moved into my closet, and I didn’t even share one piece with you here!

I got so many lovely messages by some of you who were asking if everything is fine. Yes, it is! I mean, nothing dramatic happened. I guess I was just busy with this thing called ‘life’. As well as figuring some things out. For myself, my life, my future. You can also call it self-finding trip…no. 1001, haha?

Now I have some big changes ahead. Maybe I am gonna talk about it soon. But, I am happy and beyond excited for everything to come!! One thing I can tell you is that I will be moving to Düsseldorf in the end of the month. So if you know any photographers around the area, or even are one let me know! Just shoot me an e-mail to

Now back to the basics.

I spontaneously had the idea about styling this classy, white coat as a dress. And, to make the outfit a bit more feminine and give it a little Vintage touch I added this beautiful, golden waist belt. I always feel more comfortable when I wear something that is high-waisted or a bit tight around my waist, no idea why.  I wore shorts underneath the coat, so that everything is safe. Keep in mind that this look only works for coats out of lighter materials – a winter coat will never ever gonna look like a dress ? So this coat here is actually more a “summer coat” out of light cotton. You can also take a blazer that is a bit longer! If it gets colder outside you can wear you normal wool coat above.

This look is pretty chic, but you can easily dress it down combining the coat with lower heels. Of course, you can also wear tights or trousers underneath the coat, and wear the coat instead of a blouse or blazer.

So this was it, my usual philosophy about the art of dressing – nothing changed concerning that!

I am not sure how often I am gonna post in the next time, but I am willing and trying my best to get back to posting at least on a regular basis again. Because you know, this blog still owns a special part in my heart.

Talk to you soon & much love <3

All Pink Spring Outfit


When I bought my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, this was one of the first looks I had in my mind: all pink despite the bag, loose cuts & all in all very relaxed. This is the lifestyle that the bag symbolizes for me: luxurious, but comfortable. I love the mix of the classic, girly and preppy touch of this spring outfit. The headband out of pearls just makes it even more perfect.

The classy handbag in brown shades just gives my girly outfits the necessary grown-up element ? So if you’d ask me for my personal ultimate spring outfit: this is it! The title could be as well “50 shades of pink” I guess…

Well, not much left to say despite I am gonna stop wearing pink if they invent a better color. Gonna show you another version with these lovely pink trousers I found at Subdued in Florence in my next blogpost.

Happy Easter, loves!

xx Stefanie


Make A Statement This Winter Wearing A Leopard Coat

So here it is my absolute favorite winter fashion piece right now: my new leopard fake fur coat. Love, love, looooving it ! I already told you in this post how important it is for me to find the perfect coat each winter season. This year I had a hard time looking for a coat I really love. Believe me, I tried countless different coat models. I love the standard fake fur jackets, but every second girl is wearing them right now. Two years ago it was still something special and kind of brave to wear fur jackets. Not anymore.

Well, and then I walked in at Zara, the other day, and saw this leopard coat right there in front of the entrance. Grabbed it, tried it, bought it. So, decisions can be made really fast, if they are about the right thing.

I think opinions about leopard prints are pretty divided. Especially men often don’t like it – at least I heard many men claiming leopard prints on girls look rather cheap (not that I particularly value men’s opinion when it comes to fashion – actually, I really don’t. Sorry guys :D)

The reaction of one of my male friends when he saw me the first time wearing this coat was:

„Stefanie, seriously? A leopard coat? That doesn’t fit your classy style at all.“

I don’t agree with that. Actually, a leopard coat is very classy to me ? Just like with every fashion piece it is important that you know how to combine it. Apart from that statement, I got many compliments about the coat, by the way! So be brave, girls!!

Today I am showing you two different ways to style a leopard coat: The first one is pretty classic with black accessories and simple cuts. A black hat and black booties are perfect for styling your leopard coat if you ask me. My wardrobe this winter consists of merely neutral colors anyways, so I can wear the coat on a daily basis, and to almost everything.

My second version is a little bit more girly: apart from black colors I love to wear white & pink accessories to the leopard print. But don’t overdo it with the pink! A maximum of one or two pink items is enough, otherwise it easily looks trashy. My new light-pink scarf as well as my pink leather gloves are perfect.

I chose a longer coat model on purpose by the way. There are many shorter versions available (see the ones I linked you below), but longer coats always look more elegant to me. Anyways, a leopard print is so bold, let’s go whole hog!

So you see I am in love with this trend, and you will definitely see some more leopard pieces this winter season here on my blog. How do you like the coat and the trend in general?

Happy 3rd advent, loves <3

xo S

Thoughts About Fashion Consuming More Mindfully

In the past few weeks it has been a little bit more quiet here on my blog. But I wasn’t absent from the blogging world, oh no! I was probably reading and discovering more new blogs than I did during all the months before. It is just incredible how the blogging community has evolved and how many inspiring blogs are out there these days.

I have always enjoyed reading more than watching videos. For me there is just nothing better than coming home at night, catching up on all my favorite blogs, dipping into other worlds, and getting inspired by the thoughts and pictures of other people. Last month, I finally found the bookworm within me again, and read many new books that have been on my reading list for so long. Along with that I got a well-needed distance from social media platforms like Instagram. Right now I have an intense need for reading something with substance. I am craving for words with profoundness. It is a little bit ironic since this time one year ago I had the opposite feeling: I fell in love with picture language and consciously distanced myself a little bit from writing and reading. But I guess that’s just how life is…we are all ever evolving and ever changing – and that’s fine. Let’s see what I am gonna write in one year from today, haha.

During these last a bit more quiet weeks, and also during my vacation I took time to think about some topics. Also, about where I currently stand with my blog. I do love to inspire you with my pictures and outfits. Still, the thing with blogging is that you easily lose yourself in this glitter world. You get new collaboration requests by companies, pick something nice, and try your best to present it to you, dear readers, in an aesthetical way. This becomes a routine, and routines can be dangerous – because you stop reflecting, evaluating and thinking about what you are actually doing. Then, there was this very honest blogpost by Franzi that opened my eyes. She wrote:

“I don’t want to wake up someday thinking I invested in the wrong things and values. I don’t want to look back and realize: I have been a product and trend monster.”

Her words hit and touched me really hard. And some of the thoughts and feelings I suppressed for some time have been shaken awake. Yes, as a blogger you want to inspire people, and it is kind of your task to present the latest trends and show new outfits on a regular basis. It is a pressure for most bloggers to keep up with all the latest in fashion. I love fashion, I always did, I will probably always do. I love to surround myself with beautiful things, and present them here on my blog for you in an aesthetical way. But still, I don’t want to lose myself and my values in consumption.

No person in this world needs the 10th handbag with a floral print, the 15th summer dress. But the problem is that there are so many affordable shops out there, and clothing overall has become so incredibly cheap that the single piece loses its value. And sometimes I feel like some bloggers find it to be normal that you own 10 designer bags, and buy five new ones every season. But it is not! It shouldn’t be.

We buy, and buy and buy because we think we need it, or because it is oh so affordable, and often you just realize after shopping that you rarely even wear that particular piece. That’s a waste! Don’t get me wrong, most of us simply cannot afford to buy something that has been produced under optimal working conditions in our own country. And I myself love shops like Zara or Asos as well! But I think being a bit more mindful in what we buy is a good starting point. A little bit more mindfulness what concerns our own consumption. There are a lot of people who perform shopping as a hobby, as a distraction, as an entertainment. And while shopping of course should be fun, I want to pay a little more attention which pieces really do make me happy and which ones I am really gonna wear often.

For a long time, whenever I had some money left I just went shopping, and as soon as I liked something I just bought it – without really thinking about whether I can combine that piece to my existing wardrobe or whether it fits into my wardrobe in terms of its colors. The consequence of such a behavior is that you have to buy even more new stuff so that you can actually wear this new piece – and so you get into a never-ending shopping cycle. I think a lot of us women have that problem with shopping just randomly.

“I have nothing to wear.”

Does this situation sound familiar to anyone? It’s not that we don’t have enough clothes, but maybe the wrong ones. Clothes that don’t fit 100%, we don’t like 100%, clothes that don’t really suit our lifestyle. And instead of heading to the city and immediately shopping the next random piece, maybe we should pause, and ask ourselves instead: What can I change about my shopping behavior?

Quality over quantity. That should be the overall slogan. And for me that doesn’t mean that I want to prefer buying a sweater for 200 EUR instead of 30 EUR. But just being a little bit more mindfully. I want to be sure that I love what I buy to 100%. I don’t want to compromise anymore. Things are things, but we want to be happy with them. They should improve our lives, they should give us joy. This is not the case if we have 50 pieces of clothing we never wear in our closets. I mean how absurd is this actually? We work to earn money, and then we spend it to buy things we don’t really need, which we don’t really like, which we almost never use. Makes no sense!

Being able to be more mindful when going shopping starts with finding your personal style. I already gave you some tipps on that topic here. I personally came my style much closer in the past year. Still, there have been many mispurchases – which upsets me! A new season is about to start now, and this time I want to try hard to make it better. I want to create an autumn capsule wardrobe with pieces I feel 100% comfortable in with pieces I will love to wear. It’s gonna be a challenge but I am excited for this new project!

…and of course I will let you be part of this journey. I want to give you more styling tips here, and write a little more about shopping consciousness, cleaning out your closet etc. For this month, I still have some more holiday outfits to share with you though ?

Beautiful things like clothes and beauty products can make our lives a bit sweeter. But at the end of the day they are just things. And, I don’t want to look back on my life someday saying I invested my money in the wrong ones.

How do you feel about your own shopping behaviour, and fast fashion vs. more shopping awareness in general? So excited to hear your opinions about that topic in the comments!

x Stefanie

Pyjama Trend How To Style Your Pyjama Shirt Classy

You might have already noticed that wearing pyjamas is one of the big fashion trends this season? Well, I am loving it. I mean, I love pyjamas, and who does not by the way, haha! Sometimes I see a new piece of clothing, and I know exactly with what I am gonna pair it. And in the case of these lovely pink culottes, I immediately had my black satin pyjama shirt in my head. I think this look is pretty Parisian with its simple and effortless elegance and the white pearl necklace.
What do you think? Did you ever try to wear your pyjama shirt during the day?
Here are my tips for styling pyjama shirts:
Choose high-quality materials like satin or silk to make it look noble
The trick is that no one actually notices that your are wearing your pyjama shirt – so choose wisely! Go with black, white or light pink colors – they look most classy. Your bold pink pyjama shirt looks fabulous, but people might see that you are wearing your nightwear ? And that is not what you want!
Pair some skinny jeans to pyjama shirts: it brings in a cool style clash!
Culottes are probably my favorite option for wearing pajama shirts – they make your look so classy!
Wear heels!! Even though, I must admit that some cool sneakers and a pair of skinny jeans also look damn cool to a classy pyjama shirt. So you see that it’s all about playing with different styles here.

Any more tips? Tell me in the comments!xx Stefanie

All In Velvet Burgundy Shoulder Free Dress

Today comes my second festive outfit (first one here)! Velvet is definitely my number 1 choice for this year’s festive season: It looks just so glamorous and classy – with a touch of Vintage though.
I think this lovely velvet dress by Bershka is suited both for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Sadly they don’t offer it online anymore :/ I linked some similar ones at the bottom of this post though!

Happy fourth advent, guys! Hope your Christmas mode is switched on by now ? Mine not really to be honest ?

xo Stefanie

Boho Vibes Only Patterned Flare Pants

Summer was ruled by Boho vibes, and fall still is: Patterned flare pants, hats in all kind of different colors, fringes on bags & clothes, suede… It’s best to mix’n match all of this together to get the full Bohemian spirit in your outfit ?

Like I did in this one. More is more in this case! ?
These pants by Pull & Bear are actually leggings, and so comfy. For colder days I will just wear some tights beneath, and put on some cool midi boots ?
Check out the Boho section at the Pull & Bear online store, they got really cool things right now for fall! Also loving the Retro clothes by Urban Outfitters.
So are you in the boho game?
Happy Friday, peeps :-*