Pyjama Trend How To Style Your Pyjama Shirt Classy

You might have already noticed that wearing pyjamas is one of the big fashion trends this season? Well, I am loving it. I mean, I love pyjamas, and who does not by the way, haha! Sometimes I see a new piece of clothing, and I know exactly with what I am gonna pair it. And in the case of these lovely pink culottes, I immediately had my black satin pyjama shirt in my head. I think this look is pretty Parisian with its simple and effortless elegance and the white pearl necklace.
What do you think? Did you ever try to wear your pyjama shirt during the day?
Here are my tips for styling pyjama shirts:
Choose high-quality materials like satin or silk to make it look noble
The trick is that no one actually notices that your are wearing your pyjama shirt – so choose wisely! Go with black, white or light pink colors – they look most classy. Your bold pink pyjama shirt looks fabulous, but people might see that you are wearing your nightwear ? And that is not what you want!
Pair some skinny jeans to pyjama shirts: it brings in a cool style clash!
Culottes are probably my favorite option for wearing pajama shirts – they make your look so classy!
Wear heels!! Even though, I must admit that some cool sneakers and a pair of skinny jeans also look damn cool to a classy pyjama shirt. So you see that it’s all about playing with different styles here.

Any more tips? Tell me in the comments!xx Stefanie