Make A Statement This Winter Wearing A Leopard Coat

So here it is my absolute favorite winter fashion piece right now: my new leopard fake fur coat. Love, love, looooving it ! I already told you in this post how important it is for me to find the perfect coat each winter season. This year I had a hard time looking for a coat I really love. Believe me, I tried countless different coat models. I love the standard fake fur jackets, but every second girl is wearing them right now. Two years ago it was still something special and kind of brave to wear fur jackets. Not anymore.

Well, and then I walked in at Zara, the other day, and saw this leopard coat right there in front of the entrance. Grabbed it, tried it, bought it. So, decisions can be made really fast, if they are about the right thing.

I think opinions about leopard prints are pretty divided. Especially men often don’t like it – at least I heard many men claiming leopard prints on girls look rather cheap (not that I particularly value men’s opinion when it comes to fashion – actually, I really don’t. Sorry guys :D)

The reaction of one of my male friends when he saw me the first time wearing this coat was:

„Stefanie, seriously? A leopard coat? That doesn’t fit your classy style at all.“

I don’t agree with that. Actually, a leopard coat is very classy to me ? Just like with every fashion piece it is important that you know how to combine it. Apart from that statement, I got many compliments about the coat, by the way! So be brave, girls!!

Today I am showing you two different ways to style a leopard coat: The first one is pretty classic with black accessories and simple cuts. A black hat and black booties are perfect for styling your leopard coat if you ask me. My wardrobe this winter consists of merely neutral colors anyways, so I can wear the coat on a daily basis, and to almost everything.

My second version is a little bit more girly: apart from black colors I love to wear white & pink accessories to the leopard print. But don’t overdo it with the pink! A maximum of one or two pink items is enough, otherwise it easily looks trashy. My new light-pink scarf as well as my pink leather gloves are perfect.

I chose a longer coat model on purpose by the way. There are many shorter versions available (see the ones I linked you below), but longer coats always look more elegant to me. Anyways, a leopard print is so bold, let’s go whole hog!

So you see I am in love with this trend, and you will definitely see some more leopard pieces this winter season here on my blog. How do you like the coat and the trend in general?

Happy 3rd advent, loves <3

xo S