How To Style Your Coat As A Dress


Hey my loves,

It’s been a while! I feel both a little sad and kind of guilty that I totally neglected this little space for the past few months. So many beautiful summer dresses moved into my closet, and I didn’t even share one piece with you here!

I got so many lovely messages by some of you who were asking if everything is fine. Yes, it is! I mean, nothing dramatic happened. I guess I was just busy with this thing called ‘life’. As well as figuring some things out. For myself, my life, my future. You can also call it self-finding trip…no. 1001, haha?

Now I have some big changes ahead. Maybe I am gonna talk about it soon. But, I am happy and beyond excited for everything to come!! One thing I can tell you is that I will be moving to Düsseldorf in the end of the month. So if you know any photographers around the area, or even are one let me know! Just shoot me an e-mail to

Now back to the basics.

I spontaneously had the idea about styling this classy, white coat as a dress. And, to make the outfit a bit more feminine and give it a little Vintage touch I added this beautiful, golden waist belt. I always feel more comfortable when I wear something that is high-waisted or a bit tight around my waist, no idea why.  I wore shorts underneath the coat, so that everything is safe. Keep in mind that this look only works for coats out of lighter materials – a winter coat will never ever gonna look like a dress ? So this coat here is actually more a “summer coat” out of light cotton. You can also take a blazer that is a bit longer! If it gets colder outside you can wear you normal wool coat above.

This look is pretty chic, but you can easily dress it down combining the coat with lower heels. Of course, you can also wear tights or trousers underneath the coat, and wear the coat instead of a blouse or blazer.

So this was it, my usual philosophy about the art of dressing – nothing changed concerning that!

I am not sure how often I am gonna post in the next time, but I am willing and trying my best to get back to posting at least on a regular basis again. Because you know, this blog still owns a special part in my heart.

Talk to you soon & much love <3