Color Crush Pink And Yellow For Fall


As you know I am forever in love with trying new color combinations – especially when it comes to pastel shades. I was looking for a knit sweater in a light and subtle yellow shade for so long, and found this one by coincidence at Urban Outfitters a few months ago. I’d never wear a bold yellow, but this pastel shade is just about perfect.

I used to love wearing colorful clothes in bold shades but within the past year I felt more and more drawn towards neutral colors like beige & brown, black & white (okay this is nothing new), and of course warm pastel shades. I wonder if that’s either a sign of growing up, or just about just getting closer to my personal style?

Anyways, I think the pink looks lovely and very warm combined with the yellow, and paired with a few neutral accessories it makes it a perfect fall outfit for me!