Today comes the first post from Italy! We started our round trip in Bellagio at Lake Como. We didn’t want to drive all the long way down to Tuscany at once, and because everyone always told me how beautiful the area around Lake Como is, we made a little stopover there. For me a lake will never be comparable to the sea, but still this little town has its very… View Post

Finally I made it to put a new blogpost online! You might have already noticed on my social media that I am on a road trip through Italy right now. It is so, so beautiful, and I wake up every day full of excitement and curiosity what the new day is gonna bring. I am literally soaking up all these beautiful impressions! So, while in Italy I try to spend… View Post

ENG: How much more fun would festive events be if its guests would be dressed all bright & colorfully? I personally would be more in the mood to celebrate – both as a guest as well as the host of the event. Colorful and bright outfits express that you are looking forward to the celebration, and that you bring a big amount of positive vibes with you. Also, it shows… View Post

Today comes the first part of my little special project: a new outfit series all about wedding guest and graduation outfit ideas. For the first outfit I decided to go for the ultimate classic piece: a long, off-shoulder maxi dress. I also call it my Cinderella dress, because it reminds me so much of the movie! The cut is so wonderfully delicate and the dress enchants by its simplicity. I also… View Post

Neben Bikini oder Badeanzug sind Strandtaschen definitiv das wichtigste Accessoire für den Urlaub. Ich weiß nicht wie es euch geht aber ich bin eine der Frauen, die sowieso schon immer 1000 Dinge mit sich herumschleppt. (Und ja, ich brauche das auch immer alles !) Für den Strand muss die Tasche also schön groß und geräumig sein damit alles, wirklich alles für einen entspannten Badetag Platz hat: Handtuch, Bücher, Sonnencreme- und… View Post